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The Company manufactures an OBD dongle that transforms any kind of vehicle in a connected vehicle and allows remote interaction and data reading by app.

2hire OBD dongle has similar characteristics of a black-box, generally used in the insurance field. Unlike that kind of telematics solution though, it does not require any technical work for the installation or the removal, being plug and play. Moreover, 2hire technology allows the interaction with the vehicle, thus to unlock or look the doors or open the trunk for instances, and the analysis and collection of standard OBD data and non-standardized parameters, like fuel level or total odometer. 2hire solution comprehends beyond the hardware a mobile app and a modular dashboard, both in white label and customizable, for the management of the services offered. 2hire’s early adopters are rental companies, for the digitalization of the entire rental process. Other areas of application of 2hire technology are end-to-end sharing services (both cars and motorcycles) and the data analysis of vehicles for Tier 1 suppliers of the automotive sector.