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Autopromotec Motorsport

Autopromotec Motorsport is the initiative developed in sponsorship with ACI Sport and ANFIA Motorsport, devoted to the Motorsport Industry and reserved for motorsport-related companies.

Autopromotec Motorsport aims at celebrating the high technological level of this sector, promoting a dedicated exhibition path, with a specific guide for those companies involved in the production and development of components and services, in the racing world.

All exhibitors with a direct link to the racing world will be identifiable by a special guide made available to professional operators during the days of the trade show that lists all the companies in the sector participating at the fair.

As part of AutopromotecEDU, the Autopromotec Motorsport initiative will also present a series of specific conferences on the topics that the motor racing sector has in common with the after-sales sector, like the constant pursuit of safety, reliability and performance: these conferences represent true opportunities for bringing together companies, operators, institutions and students to further cultivate the growth of a sector of great prestige and economic value.

Why Motorsport?
The motorsport industry is not only passion and adrenaline, but also a test bench for the development of new automotive technologies that are bound to hit the road in the next few years. This sector is fueled by a continuous search for innovation in industrial development and acceleration that synergistically spreads to other sectors of the automotive industry.

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