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Autopromotec unveils IAM17 focus

At roughly few months before Autopromotec official opening, the most specialised international exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products (Bologna, 24th-28th May 2017), organisers are announcing IAM17 focus (International Aftermarket Meeting 2017), one of the high standing event onto the show conference calendar.

By the year 2020, an entire generation, Generation C (for “connected”), will have grown up in a primarily digital world. Computers, the Internet, mobile phones, texting, social networking — all are second nature to members of this group. And their familiarity with technology, reliance on mobile communications, and desire to remain in contact with large networks of family members, friends, and business contacts will transform how we work and how we consume. This megatrend is already affecting the automotive industry and the aftermarket. The OEMs are today not only present at Auto Shows but also at the CES in Las Vegas.

This symposium provides an opportunity for the aftermarket community to hear from experts what does that mean for the aftermarket. The first contribution, after an introduction made by ANFIA, will concentrate on the Italian Market presented by GiPA, showing the overall framework, the key trends and possible next steps. In the second presentation IHS will show the long-term outlook for new mobility solutions around the world and look at the impact on automotive demand and the knock-on effects for the aftermarket industry. In a third part, Bosch will concentrate on the mobility user, the changes in the value chain, because the role of the consumer will change, the speed of innovation due to connectivity and the need of clear legal framework. The fourth presentation, TomTom will show the way from navigation to mobile solutions with BRIDGE. BRIDGE offers a flexible platform where businesses can integrate the power of TomTom technology into their business processes. For the first time, we provide an open hardware platform which enables developers to connect Android based business applications seamlessly with TomTom solutions helping to provide mobility solutions on a single device. Last but not least in the fifth presentation Temot International will examine the issue mobile solutions from the viewpoint of the distribution. Is it a brave new world? Are there tides and stormy weather ahead? Are we going towards a new business model?

The IAM17 will take place on 25th May 2017 as part of AutopromotecEDU seminar sessions.
The final agenda of the conference IAM17 is available here