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Battle for data

Work-in-progress for Egea at EU level to ensure direct and non-discriminatory access to vehicle data and vehicle functions for the entire repair sector
Massimo Brunamonti

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Autopromotec 2019, 50 years of innovation

From the Sarp-Siac trade fair to the latest International biennial event: the growth continues. Here is an infographic with the latest edition figures
Emiliano Costa

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July/August 2018

Car tariffs, trade wars and the consequences for European car makers

In Europe, the automotive industry employs, whether directly or indirectly, 3.4 million workers and produces 23 million motor vehicles with a sales surplus of 90.3 billion euro. This is what emerges from the report "The automobile industry pocket guide" produced by Acea (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association).
Dino Collazzo
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June 2017

Data freedom

Autopromotec recently became the stage for lively debates on telematics, vehicle control and data flow during the conference: "Vehicle information: access denied ?!". Industry associations focused on the importance of ensuring direct access to vehicle diagnostic data and the risks facing the entire industry.
Simonluca Pini

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May 2017

Access to vehicle data, AICA supports the In-Vehicle Interface solution

The European Commission recently launched the C-ITS project to study a “standard, interoperable and safe open-access platform”, and points to three possible solutions: an interoperable on-board OTP system (Open Telematics Platform), an advanced direct user-interface or IVI system (In-Vehicle Interface) and an external cloud-based platform (Extended Vehicle). But only one of these, according to AICA, can guarantee the creation and subsequent development of independent and competitive services.
Massimo Brunamonti

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February 2017

ACEA Conference: EGEA and “Independents” to protect free competition in the industry

ACEA presented its proposal for the so-called "Extended Vehicle", which plans to channel all communications and data via servers owned by the manufacturer of the vehicle in order to guarantee upgradeability, accessibility, data security and privacy protection. According to EGEA as well as others, this could be a dangerous instrument to be used by vehicle manufacturers to gain an unfair advantage over the market.
Massimo Brunamonti

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