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Autopromotec 2019, 50 years of innovation

From the Sarp-Siac trade fair to the latest International biennial event: the growth continues. Here is an infographic with the latest edition figures
Emiliano Costa

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#Infographic #Data #Economy
July/August 2018

Car tariffs, trade wars and the consequences for European car makers

In Europe, the automotive industry employs, whether directly or indirectly, 3.4 million workers and produces 23 million motor vehicles with a sales surplus of 90.3 billion euro. This is what emerges from the report "The automobile industry pocket guide" produced by Acea (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association).
Dino Collazzo
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February 2017

Car Market, European producers favor small-engine vehicles

Small-size engines favor fuel economy and lower emissions thanks to their reduced power. As the economy begins to recover, the average engine size is increasingly reduced throughout Europe with a positive impact on the overall quality of the air. Here is a list of countries where emissions are lower and the air is cleaner
Dino Collazzo

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