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Autopromotec 2019, networking is physical

The virtual world has taught us how to use to the full the computing power of many of our electronic devices to significantly increase the results of certain activities.
Renzo Servadei

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Special on Autopromotec Conference 2018

Changes and decisions

Autopromotec Conference – State of the Industry 2018 proved to be the perfect setting to investigate the changes affecting mobility as a whole as well as the aftermarket industry, focusing throughout the two day event on the simplest of messages: due to these changes we are all compelled to make choices.
Renzo Servadei – CEO Autopromotec

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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy #Editorial
April 2018

Protectionism not a solution

From Trump’s “America First” to the “Made in China 2025” plan, statements towards a closed world market are being multiplied. In this scenario Europe risks being the weaker subject. We need economic interventions and a common strategy to react to aggressive industrial policies
Mauro Severi - President AICA
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December 2017

Putting man in the picture

A blog such as Autopromotec, should focus essentially on technology, on innovation and the future. Of course, much will be said about these issues. Our aim is to deal with the most advanced technology currently offered by the automotive aftermarket, waiting for a firsthand experience at Autopromotec 2019. But never neglecting to put man right in the picture.
Renzo Servadei, Managing Director Autopromotec

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