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October 2018

Car pollution, CO2 drops to new lows thanks to new vehicle registrations

In Italy, from 2008 to 2017, CO2 went from 144.3 g / km to 112.4 g / km. A positive result indeed when compared with the average trend in other EU countries. These figures, from Unrae source, emerge from data processed by the Autopromotec Observatory
Editorial Staff - Autopromotec Observatory
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#New Technologies #e-mobility #Industrial Scenarios #sustainable mobility
May 2018

Electric cars, all the figures of a growing market

Over three million EVs are currently circulating around the world, of which 1.3 million sold in 2017 alone, boosting the transition towards a more sustainable mobility. China, Europe and the US are the largest markets. By 2030 eight out of every ten new vehicles will be battery-powered. However, a few loose ends need to be tied up first.
Gennaro Speranza - Econometrica
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#Innovation #Industrial Scenarios #Infrastructures #sustainable mobility
May 2018

Autonomous vehicles, more cities engaged in safety tests

According to a recent classification by Bloomberg Philanthropies over one hundred cities around the world are currently engaged in testing self-driving cars and the list keeps growing with North America and Europe leading the way. By 2030 this market segment might be worth around 95 billion dollars.
Dino Collazzo
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