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Battle for data

Work-in-progress for Egea at EU level to ensure direct and non-discriminatory access to vehicle data and vehicle functions for the entire repair sector
Massimo Brunamonti

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#New Technologies #e-mobility #Laws and regulations #Cybersecurity
February 2018

“Smart” cars; privacy protection means big business for the automotive industry

Limits to data collection, precise objectives and anonymity; these, according to Claudia Cevenini and Laura Lecchi, professors of IT Law and Informatics at the University of Bologna, are the basic guidelines for combining protection and technological development. Result: a competitive advantage for companies
Dino Collazzo
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#New Technologies #Cybersecurity #Industrial Scenarios
February 2018

Iot, hacking attacks and possible scenarios. Here’s how to protect yourself

Laurence Pitt, journalist, addressed the issue in an article published on Tech Economy indicating the risks and countermeasures to be taken by companies to defend themselves. The editors of Autopromotec Blog decided to post it for the benefit of its readers
By Laurence Pitt - Tech Economy journalist – 04/05/2017
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April 2017

Connected cars, anti-hacking systems still insufficient

The fear that a person other than the owner might control a car,  is pushing car manufacturers to invest in cyber security. And not just them, individual companies too, increasingly worried about having their systems “hacked” and the consequence this would have in their business are also moving in the same direction.
Dino Collazzo

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