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BETTERY is bringing to the market the green redox battery with the highest specific energy per unit volume and lowest cost, which can be recharged as fast as it takes to refill a tank.

Eight years-research at the Laboratory of Electrochemistry of Energy Materials at the Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician" (University of Bologna, UNIBO) which is a world-renowned research center on materials and devices for energy (lithium batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors) underpins the development of the longest-lasting and lightest redox battery ever reported in scientific literature called NESSOX. The charging of NESSOX is energy-efficient, because can be done by filling-up, requiring the same time as to refill a tank with gasoline. NESSOX is easy to manufacture and thanks to high energy density (in laboratory proven up to 5 times higher than the best currently available commercial batteries) presents the lowest cost of energy stored per unit volume. NESSOX responds both to the electricity storage needs from intermittent renewable sources, and to the driving range extension need of electric vehicles. Avoiding heavy metals and costly electrode processing procedures used in conventional lithium batteries, it also represents a green solution for energy storage. BETTERY team has a cumulated experience of 30 years and is growing under the leadership of the President, Dr. Francesca De Giorgio, researcher at UNIBO. BETTERY won euro 25,000 as the first prize of the Premio
Nazionale per l'Innovazione (PNI), Category CleanTech&Energy. Napoli (IT) in Dec 2017.