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Ciri MAM

CIRI MAM is the University of Bologna’s Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research on Advanced Applications in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Technology.

The University of Bologna’s Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research (CIRI MAM) is able to address industrial research needs ranging from automation, robotics and machine applied mechanics to special technologies, from the most advanced numerical simulation techniques to methods of chemical-toxicological analysis for new industrial materials.

CIRI MAM carries out its technology transfer activity through:

•    Research contracts for product and process innovation: contracts may include basic, applied or industrial research
•    Projects financed at European and national level: CIRI MAM supports companies in defining national and international research projects; supports partners in building project-oriented networks and represents an important link with international research centers; manages and coordinates research projects.

CIRI-MAM helps companies to approach key technologies such as: nanotechnologies, lasers, plasmas, electrospinning, composite materials, additive manufacturing, electronic converters, electric machines, energy storage systems, control systems, sensors, robotics, automation.

CIRI-MAM also works on automotive technologies for electric and hybrid traction systems, materials and processes for vehicle manufacturing.

CIRI-MAM has experience both in the road traction sector and in racing vehicles.