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Qricambi combines OEM parts identifier including original designs of 50+ manufacturers, with a unique e-commerce aggregator able to show net prices and up-to-date availabilities from all suppliers.

Qricambi is the result of the in-depth analysis of the 2 main problems of spare parts dealers and other professionals: the selection of the right part number and the search for suppliers’ availability of the desired part. Both are very impactful phases as customers satisfaction, cost of goods sold and volume of return goods depend on these activities that, with the current tools available in the market, may take hours for just a single spare part.
Using Qricambi, the user can compare in a few seconds all his/her suppliers by showing net prices (with the specific discounts) and the availability of goods in real time. Qricambi is compatible with 60+ spare parts producers and suppliers and we are able to quickly integrate new suppliers, even foreign suppliers.