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TIME stands for Integrated Technology for Electric Mobility – a 'retrofit' solution for turning used combustion engine vehicles in electric vehicles.

The main advantages of TIME retrofit in economic and environmental terms are:

•    removal of highly polluting vehicles from the circulating fleet and replacement with zero-emission vehicles, through an investment that is lower than any other economic option (replacement of old cars with new cars).
•    Implementation of the fundamental principles of circular economy: renewal, reconstruction, redistribution and reuse of assets.

TIME's system and integration methodology differ from traditional approaches to 'retrofit' for greater attention to interfacing problems between electric powertrain components and between powertrain and vehicle. This approach guarantees greater product quality, considerable reliability and performance comparable to those of electric cars produced by car manufacturers.
A unique feature of the TIME system concerns the transformation procedure of the donor vehicle and kit installation phases. These steps consist mainly of a series of mechanical operations aimed at installing pre-assembled and sealed macro-components on the vehicle. Therefore, transformation operations can run using normal workshop equipment and mechanical-electric training personnel.
One of TIME’s innovative technical feature includes installation of different types of batteries, providing the project with adaptation responses to market availability.