Immagine presentazione Autopromotec Futurmotive
Immagine presentazione Autopromotec Futurmotive



Starting at 9.30 


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Futurmotive – Digital Expo and Conference is the new Autopromotec project, created as the digital version of Autopromotec Conference, the aftermarket State of the Industry.

On 10 december 2020, starting at 9.30, we will meet on this website to follow talks led by international speakers and to take part in engaging panel discussions where companies of the aftermarket supply chain will be under the spotlight. Keynote addresses will include new mobility and technological innovations, environmental sustainability, global economic scenarios.

In Futurmotive – Digital Expo and Conference, exhibitors, buyers, trade associations and media companies will gather together in an international arena where debating and discussing.
The digitalized convention centre where Futurmotive will take place allows companies and visitors to network, even when they are apart. Futurmotive is Digital Expo: engage with participating companies present at their booths, chat with their representants, exchange information, establish new relationships and new business opportunities