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A new vision

Renzo Servadei

Faced with a changing scenario we need to acquire not just new technical skills, but a new mentality
The age of the traditional car maker is over. These words were not uttered by a member of some environmental movement, but by Herbert Diess, CEO of the world's largest automotive group: Volkswagen. According to the German top manager, the group will have to become a creator of mobility devices. And if this should not happen, the risk is being outplayed by new industrial players, in a similar fashion to what happened in the communication sector where a number of established players have had to give way to newer and bolder enterprises who were the first to understand how the mobile phone would become a connectivity terminal.

This is undoubtedly a huge game played out to the tune of tens of billions of euro in investments. If this is the new direction that car manufacturers are taking, a similar step will have to be taken by, first and foremost, component suppliers followed by manufacturers of garage equipment and tools. This will become the new automotive ecosystem and car repairers will have to deal with it in the coming years. The entire automotive aftermarket sector must therefore, from now on, prepare for this real revolution so as not to be bypassed by events. Hence, if the key words for car and component makers are research and development, training must become the mantra of all car repairer. In fact, rather than an expected technological evolution, we are faced with a new vision of mobility. We have used the term new vision because, if keeping up with technological evolution has always been an essential element to stay on the market, this time we are faced with a changing scenario, and we need to acquire not just new technical skills, but a new mentality.

It is precisely in this new scenario that the awareness-raising activity on training on which Federpneus is focusing must be framed. While traditional jobs such as repairing or replacing parts and components remain important, it is also necessary to acquire new skills in electronics, marketing and management analysis. The fact is that we will have to deal with cars equipped with Adas, connectivity systems, and in the future full-electric vehicles. Challenging paths indeed, but equally fascinating, the perfect environment for today’s young digital natives. This therefore gives companies better prospects of continuity than in the past. The transition from father to son of the business could therefore be easier in the future. Pneurama will also play its part, within its sphere of competence, by trying to accompany its readers throughout this evolution. According to many commentators, the decade that has just begun will see more technological developments in the automotive sector than any previous decade. Happy New Year! 

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