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September 2023

In 2027 Connected cars will be over 640 million worldwide

Osservatorio Autopromotec

Over 80% growth expected in the next five years
By the end of 2023, there will be more than 350 million connected cars on the road worldwide, up 18% from 2022. By 2027, the world's fleet of connected cars will exceed 640 million units, rising to more than 900 million at the beginning of the next decade. These forecasts derive from an elaboration by the Autopromotec Observatory on the basis of a study conducted by the British research and technology consultancy group Omdia.
According to the research, the number of connected vehicles on the road, i.e. vehicles equipped with mobile connectivity solutions that can efficiently assist the driver and provide real-time information, is set to double in a few years. Connected cars can receive traffic and diagnostic information, as well as interact with road infrastructure and travel in interconnection with other vehicles. In addition, connected cars are equipped with numerous screens in the front and rear of the car, the size of which is expected to increase to facilitate the use of video and entertainment services. Technologies to ensure connectivity will become more and more widespread and will therefore entail investments by car manufacturers, but also by the car repair industry.
The automotive aftermarket will therefore have to prepare itself for continuous challenges on the digital side and be able to master transversal skills, increasingly from a technological perspective. These needs, and the initiatives that need to be put in place to adapt to market developments, will be discussed at Futurmotive Expo & Talks, Autopromotec's new event dedicated to manufacturers, component manufacturers, distributors and buyers, scheduled from 16 to 18 November of this year in Bologna, and dealing with the challenges of energy and ecological transition and new business models in the automotive sector.

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