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July 2022

Right To Repair is a fundamental need for our industry’s future

Enrica Lazzarini

We talked about it with Bill Hanvey, President & Ceo Auto Care Association
The 2022 edition of Autopromotec hosted the third edition of "Associations in motion", the periodic global conference between the various world sector associations. This format has been conceived by AICA (Italy) and Auto Care (USA) associations in November of 2019, in Las Vegas, following a global industry conference. The meeting held in Bologna allowed associations to identify common issues to focus on, in order to find an uniform way to support and relaunch the independent aftermarket globally. We interviewed the speakers who participated in the initiative in order to share with Autopromotec Blog readers their expert point of view.
How was your Autopromotec experience?
“The experience was well worth the trip from the United States.  The fair was well attended, and the exhibits were well staffed with knowledgeable people.  I felt the exhibitions and content contained a good view on what technology has to bring, along with sufficient training in order to meet those technological challenges”.    
How did you find the industry doing at Autopromotec after 3 years of covid-related restrictions?
“The aftermarket is doing extremely well as evidenced by part back orders and supply chain issues.  Miles driven continue to increase as vehicle owners re-discover the convenience of driving their own car.  The way the car is driven will be different as more people are working remotely however, more people are driving rather than flying for their holiday vacations.  Participants at the show were optimistic of our industry’s future, and the fact that we were declared an essential service at the outset of the pandemic helped the aftermarket tremendously”. 
Amongst the many topics discussed at the IAM, what are the main activities you’re currently involved in as a trade association?
We are certainly involved with Right To Repair which is a fundamental need for our industry’s future.  We work around the globe to help solve supply chain and trade issues, and within our borders to promote vehicle safety and emissions testing.  Training and technician recruiting is an essential initiative in order to fill the number of open technician jobs that are available today
What is the impact on the market of the current geo-political situation?
“Certainly we have seen the effects of the geo-political situation on our supply chain through part-back orders, longer lead times, shortages and inflation.  As the economy slows down and new car prices become prohibitive, our industry is poised to continue its growth.  Although we have our challenges, the future looks bright as we continue to adapt to new technologies and supply chain pressures”.  

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