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The future of retreading

Editorial staff

The conference will be held in the "Notturno Room" at 14. Event registration 
22 May 2019
from 14:00 to 17:00
Notturno Room, Service Centre, Block D

The global tyre retreading industry continues to face challenges. How to deal with the ongoing competition from producers of budget new tyres, especially from the Far East, how to make the most of available technologies to produce better and more cost-efficient retreads, and how the industry can market itself better in an increasingly connected world. "The Future of Retreading" is a specialist conference aimed at visitors to the Autopromotec trade show, which attempts to offer new insights into the retreading market and how the industry can gear itself up for the future.

David Wilson Retreading Business

Welcome greeting
Stefano Carloni Chairman of AIRP
Keynote Speech 
Harjeev Kandhari Vacu-Lug
Keynote Speech: How Zenises decided to invest in the retreading industry with Vacu-Lug 
Franco D’Amore Istituto per la competitività
Tires retreading for the Circular Economy: a new study from AIRP
David Shaw Tire Industry Research
The potential future impact of the Chinese tyre sector on the retreading market
Ivano Garavaglia GFK
Talk on the sales of heavy duty tyres in Italy and Europe in 2018 compared to 2017
Sandro Garcia Europneus
How to market the retreading industry better
Dirk Reurslag VMI
Equipment automation in the retreading industry

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