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Workshop X.0: artificial intelligence and connectivity, the future of car maintenance

Emiliano Costa

Intelligent and connected, the future of mobility is becoming increasingly smart, and workshops are also shedding their skin.
Intelligent and connected, the future of mobility is becoming increasingly smart, and workshops are also shedding their skin. Maintenance and servicing on hi-tech vehicles require increasingly complex equipment and above average skills. Entrepreneurs must be willing to innovate their business model embracing a new one. But which one? Visitors will be able to discover see it all in Hall 36, where the organizers of Autopromotec, along with Accenture, created "Workshop X.0": a project that stems from the "Workshop 4.0: Proof of Concept" project, one of the highlights of the trade show two years ago, which aims to enhance the role of digitization and connectivity in the world of car maintenance and servicing. In the automotive world, workshops as well as all other players in the aftermarket supply chain are adjusting to these development: cars are networked and live in a digital ecosystem with a continuous flow of data and information solicited by every components on the vehicle. Similarly, garage equipment is also increasingly connected, thanks to the internet of things, and all gathered data are integrated with what is collected by the vehicles themselves, so as to provide operators with a more complete overview of the car. A constantly updated "medical record" is then produced, which allows cars and equipment to “speak” to each other. The Workshop X.0 project (Officina X.0) consists in a journey, divided into five segments, into the car repair world. The first part focuses on the role of the virtual assistant, specifically the vocal-assistant, which is in fact an example of artificial intelligence that processes data and allows a workshop to assist the consumer in his daily needs. The second, on the other hand, focuses on smart reception, which guarantees access to the vehicle’s “identity card” through the reading of a vehicle's license plate. The operator will thus be able to read the characteristics of the car, but also any maintenance work previously carried out, which spare parts were replaced and the problems previously recorded. The third step focuses on the actual work, from using diagnostic tools to detecting the real problem of the car as well as carrying out the work with the help of augmented reality. The fourth step is dedicated to additive manufacturing, while the last one looks at payments, which will take place digitally: credit card, pay-pal, android payment systems and IOS. According to several industry analysts, these changes will bring with them many advantages for garages. In short, those who will prove willing and able to innovate and invest in skills, knowhow and intelligent equipment will see their productivity soar thanks to efficient and streamlined activities and a more efficient management of resources and work distribution. Traceability, innovative technologies and a greater focus on customers are the key elements driving the future, and that is what Workshop X.0 is all about.

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