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Fabio Sacchi Vice President Sub Sector - CSI automotive industry @ DHL

Fabio Sacchi is Vice President Sub Sector - Customer Solutions and Innovation for the automotive industry at DHL.
His work focuses on Global Customer Management & Sub-Sector (Commercial Vehicles) as well as new development and logistic solutions. He and his team were for example among the first with the Commercial Vehicles customers to set up, offer and utilize Rail service connecting Europe to China back in 2009 and recently successfully concluded a project of maintenance on demand in partnership with a major OEM. Team is also currently focused on battery logistics solutions as mid/long term needs plan inside Commercial Vehicles sector.
Fabio’s career spans over 20 years in the Transportation and Logistics Industry, 15 of which were dedicated to automotive. Prior to DHL, he was a key account manager for Dutch company TNT Express. Thanks to his experience he has become an expert in Freight Forwarding, Express, and Supply Chain, supporting innovation and solutions applied specifically to the automotive sector. He has endorsed different management responsibilities during his career, before becoming “Vice President Sub Sector for the automotive sector”.
These past 20 years with DHL have taken him to every corner of the world. His current position enables him to frequently practice languages, he is familiar with: Italian, English, French and German. Fabio enjoys a balanced life and is a sincere music enthusiast (mainly guitar), and also enjoys reading and playing sports.