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Expo Guide/Event Fair/International Fairs Directory

Important disclaimer: International Fairs Directory is not endorsed by Autopromotec

We have been informed that companies such as International Fairs Directory, based in Alajuela - Costa Rica, and similar ones, have been sending letters to companies exhibiting at trade fairs, such as AUTOPROMOTEC, urging them to update their company data so as to publish it against payment in a virtual catalogue. 

In their offer they use explicitly names of real events and organizers. 

The message received looks like a plain verification request, but if you sign and submit the attachment, you actually end up signing a three-year advertising contract at a cost of 1,212€ per year

Please read any attachment carefully before making any decision! 

We also wish to underline that we have never authorized the aforementioned companies to use the AUTOPROMOTEC trademark or any other data relating to exhibiting companies, and we confirm that such initiatives are not endorsed by Autopromotec.