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July 2023

Meet Cyrkl, the startup for a more circular future

Francesca Del Bello

Applying the principles of circular economy is worthwhile for the environment and for the companies: meet the international startup that helps companies to turn their waste into resources
From waste to resource. If we had to find a catchphrase that describes in a couple of keywords Cyrkl activities, it would be hard to find a better one. Because, the mission of this global startup born in Prague in 2019, is to help companies to improve their circularity, and therefore cutting costs in terms of waste management, in the firm believe that every waste can be recycled or reused.

First things first: Cyrks originates from the idea of Cyril Klepek (it’s easy to guess how the initials of his full name then became the name of his startup: in nomen omen, one might say), who starts a marketplace for waste and residuals, in order to improve their handling and decrease their environmental impact. In an era that some have dubbed Wasteocene – a term that contrasts somehow argumentative the word Anthropocene, by highlighting the effects of the mass production of goods and waste – the aim of Cyrkl is to apply the principles of circular economy to business models. According to the startup, to produce a virtuous circle in this direction, one only has to find the right business partner.

The operation is simple: the marketplace allows companies to publish their offers, that might include waste, by-products, secondary raw materials, recycled materials or used machinery), and to find within the community some potential clients interested to the purchase, therefore earning on selling and saving on the costs of disposal. The materials on the marketplace are the most diverse: they range from wood in different forms (pallets, sawdust, chipboard and so on), to plastic, to paper products, up to organic waste and metals. “Thank to our marketplace, one can get to know companies that can reuse what was once just recycled, making use of the value of waste products” explains Simone Grasso, Italian Country Manager for Cyrkl. Beside this activity the Cyrkl team,  that has now reached almost 50 employees around Europe, also provides custom-made strategic consulting to help companies improve their waste management. Cyrkl community relies now on approximately 20.000 registered companies: but following the "go big or go home" motto, the Cyrkl team aims to reach quite quickly the Americas. “We look forward to transform our digital marketplace in a global platform that, through data processing, matches companies around the world and conveys the principles of circular economy on waste and resources management”, says CEO Cyril Klepek.

Meanwhile,  with its activities Cyrkl has drawn international attention Deloitte Central Europe has included it in its 2022 list “Companies to Watch”, while in June 2023 the Czech startup won the “Audience Award” in the Startup Competition organized by We Make Future Festival. 

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