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October 2018

Car pollution, CO2 drops to new lows thanks to new vehicle registrations

In Italy, from 2008 to 2017, CO2 went from 144.3 g / km to 112.4 g / km. A positive result indeed when compared with the average trend in other EU countries. These figures, from Unrae source, emerge from data processed by the Autopromotec Observatory
Editorial Staff - Autopromotec Observatory
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September 2018

Automotive diagnostic technology, a 52.7 billion dollars industry by 2025

According to a forecast by Autopromotec’s Observatory, based on a Markets and Markets research, the industry can expect a record breaking 41% rise compared to the 37.4 billion dollars recorded in 2018
Editorial Staff

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March 2018

Electric cars, 164 million expected to circulate in China, Europe and the US by 2030

According to an analysis made by the Autopromotec Observatory, based on a study carried out by the international consulting firm PwC, in 12 years, volumes will go up by as much as over 65 times the 2.5 million vehicles recorded in 2017.
Editorial Staff
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May 2017

Connected cars: Europe to lead the world in sales and turnover by 2022

According to forecasts provided by Autopromotec’s Observatory, within five years the European market will reach a turnover of over 48 billion euro, surpassing what is now to be considered the world's largest market, the US. Growth, though, will be staggering in all countries.
Editorial Staff

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