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#New Technologies #Innovation #Garage Equipment #Autopromotec Observatory
September 2018

Automotive diagnostic technology, a 52.7 billion dollars industry by 2025

According to a forecast by Autopromotec’s Observatory, based on a Markets and Markets research, the industry can expect a record breaking 41% rise compared to the 37.4 billion dollars recorded in 2018
Editorial Staff

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#New Technologies #e-mobility #Industrial Scenarios #sustainable mobility
May 2018

Electric cars, all the figures of a growing market

Over three million EVs are currently circulating around the world, of which 1.3 million sold in 2017 alone, boosting the transition towards a more sustainable mobility. China, Europe and the US are the largest markets. By 2030 eight out of every ten new vehicles will be battery-powered. However, a few loose ends need to be tied up first.
Gennaro Speranza - Econometrica
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#New Technologies #e-mobility #Interviews
April 2018

Autonomous Cars, new liability rules in the event of accidents

Passenger, manufacturer or software designer: who is to blame in the event of a claim when a “self-driving” vehicle is involved? We spoke about it with Laura Lecchi, lawyer and author on the subject of IT Law at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna
Dino Collazzo
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#New Technologies #e-mobility #Laws and regulations #Cybersecurity
February 2018

“Smart” cars; privacy protection means big business for the automotive industry

Limits to data collection, precise objectives and anonymity; these, according to Claudia Cevenini and Laura Lecchi, professors of IT Law and Informatics at the University of Bologna, are the basic guidelines for combining protection and technological development. Result: a competitive advantage for companies
Dino Collazzo
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