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November 2023

Energy sources: the real challenge in addressing the transition to more sustainable mobility

Autopromotec Editorial Staff

The topic at the center of one of the Futumotive Talks events, Nov. 16 at 3 p.m.
Europe has made up its mind: on the path leading to the long-term strategy for 2050-which has as its ultimate goal the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the Union-a key milestone will be a freeze on endothermic engines in 2035. If this is the goal dictated by the institutions, however, there is a need for the strategy put in place to achieve it to be industrially feasible. And this means, according to the organizers of Futurmotive - Expo & Talks, only one thing: technological neutrality. Fostering research and development processes in the direction of all vehicle power sources, without privileging any of them.

The questions still open on these issues are many: how will electric be developed toward the touchpoint of 2035-not only in terms of powering vehicles, but especially in terms of infrastructure? How to solve the problem of the rarity of certain raw materials that are crucial for the sustainable (as well as digital) development of mobility? How will the development of synthetic fuels and biofuels evolve? And again: what opportunities are posed by hydrogen as a power source?

These will be the central themes of the conference "Energy Sources: Production, Distribution, Usability" scheduled at 3 p.m. on 16 November in the Sala Suite in the Service Centre of the Bologna Exhibition Centre. Leading experts in strategic consulting will confront each other with industry representatives: Andrea Marinoni, partner at Kearney, and Alessandro Viviani, The European House Ambrosetti, will introduce the topic with their keynote speeches.
This will be followed by a dialogue in which companies will play a leading role: Nunzio Abbate, of STMicroelectronics, Andrea Bottazzi, Head of Automotive Maintenance TPER, Alessandro Bartelloni, Director FuelsEurope, Palmo Antonio Cavallo, Head Of Digital transition and data analytics Hera group, Eduardo De Cillis, Hydrogen Business Development Manager of Toyota Motor Italia, Damiano Micelli, CTO Landi Renzo Group, Filippo Rigoni, Vice President Business Development Zhero and Federico Vitali, Vice President FAAM.
Leading the speakers was the voice of journalist Barbara Gasperini.


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