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September 2023

Face to face with... Nazzareno Cingolani, Corporate Sales Director di NEXION S.p.A.

Francesca Del Bello

Futurmotive - Expo & Talks is approaching, and our interviews with the protagonists of the event scheduled from 16 to 18 November in Bologna continue. This month, we interviewed Nazzareno Cingolani, Corporate Sales Director of NEXION S.p.A.
  • The entire automotive industry is going through a period of radical transformation including not only the latest challenges regarding environmental sustainability, but also the delicate transition towards an increasingly technological industry, the main feature of the so-called fourth industrial revolution. In this process, it is crucial to support businesses with concrete measures that can benefit the individual entrepreneur but that may have much greater repercussions. What actions has your group taken in this direction?
Connected vehicles, autonomous driving and electrification are set to change the world of car servicing. Our Marketing division and our Product Development team work in this direction, making products and services that can fully support the businesses in this sector, giving added value, reducing working hours, simplifying procedures and creating more business opportunities.
We design and develop all our products and solutions in-house, using internal resources and competences to guarantee the highest standards of quality and innovation.
At Futurmotive you will be able to take a closer look at our latest solutions in the areas of ADAS calibration, diagnosis, vehicle geometry verification and our modular management software specifically configured for car repair garages, tyre shops, car body shops and MOT testing centres.
  • The constant (and obvious) transformation of vehicles into increasingly refined technology and electronic engineering products must go hand in hand with innovations in the workshop. Big data, connectivity, cybersecurity are terms that are now familiar even to aftermarket professionals: we will also discuss them with you during one of Futurmotive's Talks. In three adjectives, what will the workshop of the future be like?
Connected, multi-serviced and efficient
  • The workshop of the future will need increasingly specialised workers: this often clashes with a reality in which demand outstrips supply. How will you deal with this situation? 
Workshops will need to employ increasingly specialised employees with much broader areas of expertise. The approach to the training required must therefore be drastically reviewed. In the past, those who decided to work in a workshop preferred hands-on work to studying. On the other hand, today, we need skills that can only be acquired through appropriate training that includes more than mechanical knowledge, but also electronic and computer expertise.
In future car workshops, vehicles will be connected and self-driving, so the workshop professionals of tomorrow will have to be mechatronic engineers, computer scientists, mechanical engineers and specialised technical experts.
The world of schools and universities will have to create synergies with businesses in order to create suitable training paths to provide interested students with the tools and skills they need to enter this sector, which as we know is undergoing a real revolution.
Equipment manufacturers must also contribute to the workers' training process; we, as Nexion, try to do our part by intensifying training for our customers and workers in the industry.
At the same time, our products must also evolve to accompany and support professionals so that they are able to carry out work with certainty, following the recommendations and requirements of car manufacturers and complying with industry standards.
  • At the heart of Futurmotive - Expo & Talks will be the best innovations dedicated to the mobility of the future - a future much closer than it seems. Without revealing too much, what can we expect from your participation at the event in November?
For Nexion, the Futurmotive is an opportunity to showcase all the work we have been doing for years to propose innovative solutions for the car workshops of today and tomorrow, designed with the evolutions of the industry in mind.
First of all, we will present PROADAS DIGITAL, our universal modular system developed for testing and calibration of driver assistance systems equipped with a 75'' screen for 1:1 scale digital reproduction of camera calibration panels, complete wheel alignment service (optional) on multi-brand cars and commercial vehicles. PROADAS DIGITAL is Nexion's modular solution that combines 2 pieces of equipment in one: an ADAS calibration and wheel alignment system. Thanks to the integrated CCD sensors, it allows the alignment status of the vehicle to be checked. Upon request, it is possible to convert the PROADAS DIGITAL into a complete wheel alignment station.
We will also be exhibiting the new high-resolution 4-camera wheel aligner and precheck system for cars and light-duty vehicles which, combined with the ClampOnTyre quick clamps, allows faster and safer mounting and demounting without touching the rim to avoid scratches.
The new software is packed with advanced features and complies with the new connection standards for INDUSTRY 4.0.
We are sure that visitors will also be very curious to see our new dynamic precheck system up close to quickly test vehicle geometry for cars and light-duty vehicles, with immediate feedback on the need for wheel alignment adjustment, analysis of the forces exerted by the wheels and prediction of tyre wear. It is a tool that will enable a decisive increase in opportunities for selling wheel alignment services. This device will also be Nexion's first product to be integrated with the new connectivity ecosystem called WeNext®, which will enable the potential of IoT to be utilised at the next-generation workshop service, managing vehicle registration in a seamless, professional and efficient manner.
We will also present iONE CRUISER, a new generation diagnostic device designed to work with all types of vehicles and communication protocols with different ECUs.
Finally, we will present Quicknet, an advanced and easy-to-use management software that meets the needs of mechatronic workshops and car repair shops.
Quicknet manages, analyses and optimises work and communication with customers, monitors profitability and improves the performance of car repair professionals thanks to modular functions designed to meet every need.

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