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Speaker @ the Conference

Francesco Morace Sociologist and Essayist

Francesco Morace is a sociologist and an essayist who has been in the social and market research field for over 30 years. He is president of Future Concept Lab and is the creator of the Festival della Crescita. He is also an internationally active strategy consultant for companies and institutions; he has held conferences, classes and seminars in several European, Asian, North and South American countries since 1981.
He teaches Social Innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan, and has written over 20 essays.
His recent co-authored books include Future Concept Lab, #Coolhunting Evolution, Franco Angeli (2018).
In 2014 he joined the staff of the radio broadcast Essere e Avere (Radio24), and he has been hosting his own weekly radio show, “Il Consumatore”. He writes trends articles for various magazines, including Adv, Mark Up and Millionaire.