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Industrial Vehicle Service

Industrial Vehicle Service is an event devoted to trucking service providers, as well as manufacturers of commercial and industrial vehicle equipment, components, and spare parts exhibiting at Autopromotec.

First introduced at Autopromotec 2011, the Industrial Vehicle Service project was originally conceived as a response to the growing demand for truck services, due to the increasing importance the trucking industry has gained in recent years. The event also features several themed conferences and b2b meetings revolving around the current issues of the trucking industry, with a view to finding effective ways to solve ongoing problems.

What is in store for the 2017 edition of the Industrial Vehicle Service event?
Besides showcasing the latest truck equipment, components and spare parts, due consideration will be given to groundbreaking technologies for alternative fuel vehicles, i.e. LNG, natural gas, dual-fuel, bi-fuel and internal combustion engines, which are becoming increasingly important in cost- and emission-cutting policies.
A specially provided Truck Guide and logo will indicate the exact position of all producers and distributors of truck equipment, products and spare parts within each exhibit hall.