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May/June 2024

Italy and the UK together under the motorsport flag

Francesca Del Bello

Technology transfer, new materials and artificial intelligence are the topics at the centre of Motorsport Club 2024. But the most important space is dedicated to networking 
A continuous exchange of knowledge, skills and human capital, an (ideal) bridge between the Italian and British motorsport worlds. These are the main themes at the centre of Motorsport Club 2024, the event organised by Global Marketing Architecture, in collaboration with RPM - Rete Professionisti Motorsport and CNA Modena, hosted as part of the Motor Valley Fest calendar of events on 3 May. The subtitle of the event speaks for itself, and plays with the terminology of the motorsport sector: Revving Up the Italy - UK Cooperation Engine. 
A day of talks with leading figures from the Italian and British motor industry, but also an opportunity to forge relationships, meet potential business partners, stimulate ideas and opportunities for cooperation, with a small but substantial area dedicated to the exhibition desks of the participating companies, 26 in all: start-ups and already established companies in the sector, together with institutional partners. 

On stage, three different moments of discussion between international guests and representatives of Italian companies and universities. The first topic tackled was one that, in fact, transversally affects a very broad catchment area with respect to the market niche represented by motorsport: in fact, the opportunities for technology and knowledge transfer between the motorsport sector and related sectors, first and foremost aerospace, were discussed. Motorsport, as is well known, represents a segment where experimentation and research and development are pushed to the highest levels and, often, it is precisely here that advanced technologies see the light of day, which then lend themselves to use - suitably adapted - in other sectors as well. Space was then given to another central theme for motorsport and beyond, that of innovation in the field of new materials and production processes, while in the third session the experts on stage delved into the possible applications between artificial intelligence, electronics and advanced applications - where an overview of the latest trends and their impact on the future of motorsport was outlined. 

A project, the one organised by Global Marketing Architecture and RPM, that does not end in the context of the Motor Valley Fest but, on the contrary, aims at fostering continuous exchange and knowledge: in fact, the High Performance Coffee Club, an informal networking event dedicated to motorsport professionals, is already scheduled. Because you know, the best collaborations always start over a cup of coffee. 

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