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Officina 4.0: PROOF OF CONCEPT

The “Officina (Workshop) 4.0: PROOF OF CONCEPT” project, developed in collaboration with Accenture, has been conceived to provide modern workshops with solutions adapted to new technologies, tools and, above all, to the Internet of Things. It is a choice automotive professionals have to make, since all newly registered vehicles are OBD-connected, therefore adequate training to the employees is strictly required.
The workshop of the future is connected: vehicle data is being collected and transmitted continuously, along with data on the operational state of vehicles and on the mechanical stress experienced by vehicle components.
Thanks to intelligent and deep data analysis, workshop professionals can read real-time “state of health” of their customers’ vehicles and, if necessary, recommend the owners to have their vehicle repaired even before a component fails.
A virtual visit to the workshop of the future has been organized during Autopromotec 2017.
In Hall 30 visitors had the chance to see first-hand the changes that will take place in the vehicle maintenance and repair business in the coming years.

Best Of Officina 4.0 - Proof of Concept