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November 2023

The Future of PTIs

Massimo Brunamonti

It's scheduled on Nov. 18 an event dedicated to this topic at Futurmotive - Expo & Talks 
On-board drive assisting devices as well as electric motors already populate a significant share of motor vehicles. Equally, the growth of shared mobility imposes planned maintenance for vehicles to be always fit for rolling.

In such a scenario one could argue that, being motor vehicles so developed and well maintained, compulsory periodical technical inspections (PTI) will become redundant in a not so long period of time. Is that the case? It doesn’t seems so, according to what legislative authorities and PTI professionals write about that.

In the EU, the Commission has already issued a working paper explaining how current mandatory PTIs need upgrades. At the same time, inspection professionals, represented by the International PTI Commitee (CITA), raise concerns how modern vehicles are posing new threats to road safety: it’s unlikerly that all motor vehciles will be electrified therefore emission tests need upgrades to modern standards. On the other hand, CITA upholds, ADAS are certainly making the vehicle safer but only if the vehicle itself behaves as it was designed to do. What if brakes are malfuncioning, suspensions get loose and tyres are worn out?

This is what will be discussed at the “The Future of PTI” round-table Saturday 18th at the Futurmotive Expo and Talks. Representatives of the major European test equipment manufacturers, namely, Mahle, Nexion, Snap-On and Texa, will explain the audience what, in their view, PTIs will become in the short-medium run and what PTI operators can expect in terms of new testing technologies and equipment. PTIs are far from being outruled; on the contrary, new PTI tests are likely to be added quite soon.

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