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March 2022

The strength of the automotive aftermarket at Autopromotec: a word from the exhibitors

The testimonies of some exhibitors in the spare parts, components and car service sector underscore the importance of being at the trade show, the international dimension of the exhibition and the desire to get back to normal
The engines of the organisational machine behind Autopromotec 2022 – the first major in-person appointment for the automotive aftermarket – are warmed up and ready to go. With just under three months to go until the opening of the trade show the organisers are seeing an industry that is in great shape, and they are ready to yield the floor to the exhibitors in their various sectors.
At Autopromotec 2022, one of the strongest product categories is spare parts, components and car services, the most recent to have joined the event. In fact, while Autopromotec has featured equipment and tyres for more than 50 years, components and spare parts have “only” been included for about 15 years. In terms of attendance and therefore of exhibition surface area, the organisers have seen a huge surge compared to the last time, forcing them to increase the space dedicated to the show, increasing from the three pavilions of the previous edition to four (Halls 14, 16, 18 and 21).

Getting ready for the trade show
A sign of just how important spare parts, components and car services are for the sector comes directly from some of the many exhibitors of Autopromotec 2022 who have let us know how critical it is for them to participate in this event.

A first reflection comes from Roberto Caravati, Aftermarket Global Business Unit Chief Operating Officer of BREMBO: "Autopromotec represents an important event for the Italian Aftermarket chain, and consequently a fundamental event for Brembo. This event, which we have been participating in for a long time now, has grown over the years to become an international point of reference for the entire components sector, with the participation of qualified operators, and where it’s possible to seize new business opportunities. Brembo couldn’t miss the return of the trade show, as it’s an opportunity for us to meet our Customers/Partners face to face after the forced separation of these last few years, when all the same we were able to find a way to work together successfully".

The confirmation of the increasingly international perception of Autopromotec also comes from the statement of Federico Montessori, Managing Director Italy and Senior Business Director Transportation EMEA of Exide Technologies: “Participation in Autopromotec 2019 was a great success for Exide: we decided to be there after monitoring the event with interest, edition after edition, impressed by its growth, by its strong focus on market dynamics and on the most topical and relevant issues for the entire Aftermarket supply chain. Autopromotec’s international development and the presence of important players from abroad was the reason that tipped the scale for us. So it’s only natural for us to come back this year and take advantage of the unique opportunity that Autopromotec offers: to meet with the main players of the aftermarket in person after two years of market uncertainty and various measures to combat the pandemic, and to take stock of the latest developments in our industry and get back into the game".

For Gianni Rucco, IAM Italia Sales Manager of TECNECOFILTRATION, what’s most important is the supply chain’s palpable enthusiasm to meet with customers: “We couldn’t wait to come back to Bologna and it’s finally time. Aside from the importance it has always had for us as a trade fair for the Italian market, this year Autopromotec is even more significant because it’s a bit like ‘almost’ returning to normal after two difficult years, for the reasons we all know. For us at TECNECOFILTRATION, taking part in Autopromotec 2022 means having the opportunity to meet all our Italian and foreign Customers in one big venue, to tell them what we’ve been up to in the last two years and how much our organisation has evolved, as well as to present all the new products and discuss what we expect from the future and how we’re preparing for it. We’re sure that this year will be a great event, the numbers speak for themselves: there will be lots of us and we’re all charged and ready to go".

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