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November 2023

Futurmotive – Expo & Talks presents: The Future of Tyre Technology, a common area devoted to innovations within the tyre industry

Autopromotec Editorial Staff

Hall 19 will host the common area that will showcase the future of the tyre industry: a “journey” that highlights the innovations devoted to the entire life cycle of the tyre. 
Showing the position of the tyre industry within the framework of the future of mobility. This is the starting point of The Future of Tyre Technology, the collective area entirely devoted to innovations in the tyre industry, that will be located in Hall 19, at Futurmotive – Expo & Talks.
Important innovations are emerging within the tyre industrial supply chain, that will soon become the standards of future mobility: The Future of Tyre Technology brings together the main players of the sector to offer a proper representation of such innovations. AIRP, ATEQ, Cobat Tyre, Devel, GDSO, Michelin, Pirelli, Regom, Rover Research, all located in hall 19: these are the companies and associations that decided to give their contribution in the area, telling their vision of the future of the tyre industry.
A journey through the future of the industry
Business operators visiting Futumotive will have the unique opportunity to see the most innovative products and services of the industry, in a “journey” that moves along the entire life cycle of the tyre. The first stops are devoted to latest generation tyres, like those presented by Pirelli: products designed for electric vehicles, with both high performance and high sustainability standards. A further technological development concerns the use of RFID sensors for unique tyre identification, that opens up new scenarios for the management of the whole life cycle of tyres, thus offering important opportunities to increase efficiency and safety from OE mounting to disposal and throughout all intermediate steps. In this respect, Michelin showcases passenger car and truck tyres that incorporate RFID sensors, developed with an eco-design approach to offer an increased longevity. The creation of a shared standard for data management will allow all players in the ecosystem to make the most of these opportunities: in this framework operates GDSO – Global Data Service Organisation for Tyres and Automotive Components, an organization that has been committed to providing such standards since 2022.
We move then towards the aftermarket services, where RFID technology is already a reality, thanks to the use of readers capable of showing all the data stored in the RFID tag embedded in the tire, thus optimizing the efficiency and safety of production and service for the customer. The lead actors here are ATEQ and Devel.
In a historical moment when reducing CO2 emissions and the use of natural resources and raw materials become fundamental achievements for sustainability, an industry deeply rooted in the past such as tyre retreading becomes the flag of circular economy that the mobility of the future must embrace: AIRP – the Italian Association of Tyre Retreaders, and Rover Research that presents its technological innovations applied to retreading and procedures revolving around the end-of-life tyre, thanks to its partnership with Cobat Tyre, with the aim of spreading the “water jet” technology.
This brings us to the final stops of the journey, those devoted to end-of-life tyres, that are now turned into a precious resource for new uses, in the form of secondary raw materials. Thanks to strong technological developments in recent years, and to the latest innovations that have come into use, the opportunities for recovering and using materials derived from end-of-life tyres have significantly increased, allowing a greater number of materials to be generated, with better quality and less expensive operational processes. These topics will be tackled by REGOM, that ideally closes the journey through the future life cycle of the tyre.
Partner voices
At Futurmotive 2023, MICHELIN will demonstrate why RFID is the strategic element connecting tyres to a larger ecosystem and building data-driven services. RFID is the only concrete tire identification, from cradle to grave, that enables efficiency and traceability and improves customer experience and sustainability.Join us and discover how RFID is becoming the market’s standard key pillar of connected mobility thanks to the different use cases showcased at the exhibition!
EV tire and tires made of sustainable materials (45% for LV, 58% for bus and 63% for competition tire) will be also showcase to illustrate Michelin’s innovation capacity, as well as the strides made by the Group to uphold its commitments to promote global production, obtained exclusively using renewable or recycled materials by 2050, with an interim target of 40% on average by 2030.
Pirelli is exhibiting its vision of sustainability and new mobility in the world of tyres at Futurmotive. Starting with the most technological and sustainable UHP tyre model, the new P Zero E. It features the triple A class label for rolling resistance, wet braking and noise, and contains +55% natural and recycled materials (validated by Bureau Veritas). In addition, the P Zero E offers Pirelli's new RunForward technology. Pirelli Elect technology for new electric and hybrid vehicles is also illustrated, which boosts performance without compromising durability and facilitates quietness and autonomy. Pirelli was also the first company in the world to produce an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified tyre line, which is on display at Futurmotive.

GDSO aims to unlock tyres’ potential through the Tyre Information Service (TIS), starting from a unique, serialized, electronic identifier (SGTIN) and allowing data transfer between a tyre manufacturer and different stakeholders along the tyres’ value chain. The TIS is real, it is already implemented by early adopters in the automotive sector and it enables different use cases, as well as new services for a safer and more sustainable mobility journey. You can experience it by visiting our booth.
ATEQ is a global leading company in measurement equipment across 42 countries with 9 production sites and more than 5000 clients in various industries. Its Tire Pressure Monitoring Division strives to facilitate tire management throughout the automotive industry. VT66 is a handheld workshop tool solution to fetch tire data directly from tires’ RFID tags and other tire and wheel related sources and programs this information onto foreseen TPMS sensors. This revolutionary technology enables otherwise passive data to be made available to modern vehicles and the en(tire) ecosystem.
Devel, a company made up mainly of specialized technicians who deal with the engineering of the machines with the aim of bringing the tire dealer or workshop to being a real industry 4.0, with all the machines connected to each other, is pleased to introduce the first completely automatic and diagnostic tire changer in the world, capable of using the data detected by the RFID devices installed on the latest generation tyres, allowing you to avoid the procedure of manually entering the data of the tire to be replaced and eliminating the risk of possible errors on the part of the operator.
Before recycling, reusing: a simple idea yet, when applied to the tyre industry, it represents very well the idea of the future of mobility. First, because it allows to considerably reduce the usage of raw material and natural resources, therefore reducing CO2 emissions and overall environmental impact. Then, because also the retreading industry is going through an ongoing technological innovation that distinguishes the retreaded tyre as a quality excellence serving companies and the environment. 
Cobat Tyre is particularly proud to present at Futurmotive 2023 the project started with Rover Research to develop a network of ELT treatment lines using "water jet" technology. The use of this technology, which employs a jet of water at very high pressure, allows the tyre to be destroyed by obtaining a powder with a high degree of de-vulcanisation due to the effect of the mechanical action carried out by the water. The extraordinary characteristics of this powder are such as to make it chemically active and reusable within new compounds; this technology is therefore able to fully guarantee the circularity of the rubber, with process costs that prove to be the best ever achieved in terms of sustainability, in comparison with other technologies. Cobat Tyre and Rover Research have therefore begun their collaboration to disseminate this revolutionary technology, with the aim of guaranteeing full compliance with the principles of the circular economy in a sector, such as that of ELTs, in which they have been waiting for a long time for real implementation so that 'rubber returns to rubber.
Rover Research has developed an A&A and OTR tire retreading technology, called "TyreUpCycle", which saves 30% raw material and 50% energy compared to traditional processes. Furthermore, the company reuses the patented rubber powder resulting from this technology within the same reconstruction process, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. Rover Research has also developed several applications for rubber dust, or "Tyredust", in sectors other than the rubber industry.
REGOM is helping revolutionize how End-of-Life Tyres are sorted to optimize recycling. By manufacturing machines based on AI to facilitate ELT identification and selection, the company accompanies its clients to refine their recycling process. REGOM is also an innovation partner of the tyre manufacturer MICHELIN with the implementation of RFID tag readers on its sorting lines to demonstrate RFID system capabilities to support the development of new ELT recycling streams.

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