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Autopromotec 2017: the Key Role in the Aftermarket of the Future

The evolution in after-sales assistance as a market opportunity
  • Success for the first edition of Autopromotec Conference – State of the Industry 2016
  • Evolution of the Aftermarket sector and new opportunities for the market
  • Decisive role of Autopromotec in meeting the challenge of change
Autopromotec, the most specialised international exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products, recently outlined the scenario in which the world of after-sales assistance is heading, analysing the main factors and coming challenges presented to all actors in the industry. The occasion was the first edition of Autopromotec Conference – State of the Industry 2016 organised by Autopromotec in Bologna on 9th-10th June and that was met with great enthusiasm.

During the conference, guest speakers including industry experts of international prominence emphasised how the automotive market is undergoing a profound moment of change dictated especially by the Internet of Things (IOT), i.e., the extension of the Internet to the world of objects, and in this specific case, of vehicles and automotive equipment. The central theme that Autopromotec explored was the new technologies applied to vehicles and how these technologies will impact the after-sales supply chain and automotive service. The daily activity of market professionals will necessarily include new challenges that, as whenever change occurs, will lead to new opportunities for growth. In order to maintain competitiveness and provide a professional service, an awareness of the new context and new demands of customers is essential. In addressing conference attendees, Prof. Dipak R. Pant (Head of the Interdisciplinary Unit for Sustainable Economy at Carlo Cattaneo University) underlined the importance of knowing how to add value and versatility to technological upgrading, making it simple and easy to use for a diverse set of users. All this takes on even greater value in the automotive aftermarket segment during a time of enormous technological developments.

With the first edition of Autopromotec Conference – State of the Industry 2016, Autopromotec reinforces its role as a major venue for the entire automotive industry to join and share information and viewpoints. In addition to its function as the organising body of the trade exhibition, Autopromotec adds to its mission a “conference” dimension, conceiving and promoting an important moment of synthesis, which has given voice to the protagonists of the change underway.

Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec, explained the motivations that led to the organisation of Autopromotec Conference: “Having an in-depth knowledge of the operating scenario is extremely important in order to respond correctly and make the best decisions. Autopromotec cannot limit itself to showcasing products and innovations; it must also be an opportunity for exchanging ideas, as only when ideas circulate there can be development.”

In this context, the 2017 edition of the trade exhibition – scheduled for 24th to 28thMay of next year –more than ever will represent a key event for the whole automotive industry. At Autopromotec 2017, industry players will have the opportunity to gain full understanding of the ways companies are dealing with this change and to keep abreast of the latest innovations and solutions. At the same time, through AutopromotecEDU they will be able to explore issues related to management and marketing, in addition to regulatory and marketing aspects regarding the introduction of on-board telematics.

Commenting on the upcoming edition of the exhibition, Servadei added: “In light of the rapid technological developments characterising the sector, Autopromotec 2017 will be an invaluable opportunity for the entire aftermarket industry. As we saw during Autopromotec Conference, new technologies and standards are heavily impacting the world of after-sales assistance. Autopromotec 2017 represents the privileged observatory to gain familiarity with these changes, and will allow the visitor to take on the future with greater awareness, not just brave it.”