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#Laws and regulations #Industrial Scenarios
October 2023

Court Case ECJ ruling Carglass/ATU vs. FCA on secure gateways on the OBD port: an important step forward for Fair Competition in the Automotive Aftermarket

On October 5, the European Court of Justice clarified once and for all that vehicle manufacturers cannot hinder or prevent independent operators from accessing data. The latter must be enabled to use the information flow for diagnosis, maintenance and repair of the vehicle
Autopromotec Editorial Staff

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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy #Market
July 2023

A new OPEC for lithium

South American countries try to ally in order to increase their bargaining power and control the prices of the new “white gold”
Enrica Lazzarini

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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy
June 2023

Hydrogen, the Italian supply chain is growing. Investments and patents increase

Italian companies believe more and more in hydrogen, as underlined by a research carried out by the Studies and Research Department of Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with H2IT, the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association

Simonluca Pini - Contributing Editor Sole 24 Ore

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#Innovation #Industrial Scenarios
February 2023

Self-driving cars are not as green as we thought

A warning comes from research carried out by the MIT in Boston: the energy needed to operate a global fleet of self-driving cars could generate the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as all the data centres in the world combined
Enrica Lazzarini

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#Industrial Scenarios #Heavy Vehicles
February 2023

Can the decarbonisation of heavy vehicles be achieved by using hydrogen?

The announcement of a joint venture between Air Liquide and TotalEnergies for the development of a network of hydrogen filling stations for heavy vehicles in continental Europe opens the door to new possible scenarios
Francesca Del Bello

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#Events #Industrial Scenarios #sustainable mobility
December - January 2023

The challenges of the new mobility in the spotlight at Futurmotive - Expo & Talks

Appointment from 16 to 18 November 2023 at the Bologna Exhibition Centre for the international exhibition on the future of mobility, the energy and ecological transition and innovations in the automotive sector. The new website is online
Enrica Lazzarini

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#Industrial Scenarios
November 2022

Euro 7 car emissions, less stringent limits from 2026. Is the European Union changing its mind about cars with internal combustion engines?

The limits imposed by the new Euro 7 regulation would have put a strain on the production of new internal combustion engine vehicles. Rumours from Brussels suggest that the European Union is working towards equating Euro 7 limits with the current Euro 6 standard.  
Simonluca Pini - Sole 24 Ore Contributing Editor

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