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#Industrial Scenarios #Market #Autopromotec 2019

Connected with the future

Autopromotec 2019 Here much of the efforts lavished by the sector in developing and proposing innovative
Nicoletta Ferrini

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#Innovation #Industrial Scenarios #Interviews #Autopromotec 2019

The Global race towards innovation

Interview with AICA’s President Mauro Severi. One of Italy’s industrial crown jewels looks to the challenges ahead
Guido Gambassi

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#Innovation #Digital marketing #Industrial Scenarios #Market
December 2018

The four rules for the digital market

According to Francesco Morace, professor of social innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan, social and cultural changes have produced new “paradigms for the future”. Video
Editorial Staff
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#Innovation #Industrial Scenarios #Interviews
July/August 2018

Automotive; producers and suppliers must be ready to cope with mobility’s new challenges; here’s how

According to Andrea Marinoni, Roland Berger senior partner, the automotive supply chain is called upon to review its business models so as to govern the 4 megatrends currently shaping the market: mobility, autonomous driving, digitization and electrification
Editorial Staff
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#New Technologies #e-mobility #Industrial Scenarios #sustainable mobility
May 2018

Electric cars, all the figures of a growing market

Over three million EVs are currently circulating around the world, of which 1.3 million sold in 2017 alone, boosting the transition towards a more sustainable mobility. China, Europe and the US are the largest markets. By 2030 eight out of every ten new vehicles will be battery-powered. However, a few loose ends need to be tied up first.
Gennaro Speranza - Econometrica
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#Innovation #Industrial Scenarios #Infrastructures #sustainable mobility
May 2018

Autonomous vehicles, more cities engaged in safety tests

According to a recent classification by Bloomberg Philanthropies over one hundred cities around the world are currently engaged in testing self-driving cars and the list keeps growing with North America and Europe leading the way. By 2030 this market segment might be worth around 95 billion dollars.
Dino Collazzo
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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy #Editorial
April 2018

Protectionism not a solution

From Trump’s “America First” to the “Made in China 2025” plan, statements towards a closed world market are being multiplied. In this scenario Europe risks being the weaker subject. We need economic interventions and a common strategy to react to aggressive industrial policies
Mauro Severi - President AICA
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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy
March 2018

Corporate Fleets and maintenance: is it worthwhile for mechatronic technicians?

Considering the virtuous and sustainable scenario in which mobility is trying to move, corporate fleets could provide interesting opportunities for top aftermarket (mechatronics) players. But is it really such a great opportunity?
Stefano Belfiore - Inforicambi journalist

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