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#Economy #Editorial
March 2021

The path out of the pandemic

A year since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a light is beginning to emerge at the end what feels like an excruciatingly dark tunnel
Richard Wilson - Editor of Commercial Tyre Business

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#Garage Equipment #Economy
October 2020

Egea proposals for a sustainable European mobility

As the coronavirus manifested all its devastating power on the social fabric as a whole, the auto-repair sector captures the attention of both the public and the authorities with proposals and initiatives aimed at spearheading the post-pandemic recovery, not only for the sector, but for the entire economy so interconnected
Massimo Brunamonti

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#Economy #Market
January 2020

The seized engine of the German economy

A weak automotive sector slows the momentum down. Trade wars and Dieselgate among the factors that have affected production and exports
Gennaro Speranza Econometrica

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#Infographic #Data #Economy
July/August 2018

Car tariffs, trade wars and the consequences for European car makers

In Europe, the automotive industry employs, whether directly or indirectly, 3.4 million workers and produces 23 million motor vehicles with a sales surplus of 90.3 billion euro. This is what emerges from the report "The automobile industry pocket guide" produced by Acea (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association).
Dino Collazzo
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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy #Editorial
April 2018

Protectionism not a solution

From Trump’s “America First” to the “Made in China 2025” plan, statements towards a closed world market are being multiplied. In this scenario Europe risks being the weaker subject. We need economic interventions and a common strategy to react to aggressive industrial policies
Mauro Severi - President AICA
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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy
March 2018

Corporate Fleets and maintenance: is it worthwhile for mechatronic technicians?

Considering the virtuous and sustainable scenario in which mobility is trying to move, corporate fleets could provide interesting opportunities for top aftermarket (mechatronics) players. But is it really such a great opportunity?
Stefano Belfiore - Inforicambi journalist

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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy
May 2017

The European Union at a fork between integration and a market only policy

As the global economic influence of the EU declines, there are concerns over which path to take in the near future given a choice between moderate interventions and cries for a stronger cooperation.
Matteo Prioschi, journalist of Il Sole 24 Ore

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