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#New Technologies #e-mobility #Innovation
April 2023

E-Fuel or BioFuel? The difference between synthetic fuels and biofuels

Traditional cars might have a future after 2035, thanks to the use of synthetic fuels. Bio-fuels remain a thorny issue: these are produced also in Italy, but prohibited by the European Community
Simonluca Pini – Contributing editor for Il Sole 24 Ore

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#Events #e-mobility #Innovation
March 2023

Futurmotive – Expo & Talks presented to the international audience

An international meeting involving some of the top representatives of European trade associations is the occasion to present the event and address some of the hot topics of automotive aftermarket industry of today
Enrica Lazzarini

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#Events #New Technologies #e-mobility
February 2023

Futurmotive – Expo and Talks was officially presented to the Italian press

As Futurmotive – Expo and Talks approaches, the organizers have set off the promotional machine. And they chose to start presenting the event to the Italian press in a venue where one might “breath” the future
Francesca Del Bello

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#e-mobility #Market
November 2022

Electric cars, charging costs 160% higher compared to 12 months ago

The increase in the cost of energy is having a negative impact on the running costs of electric cars. In October 2021, it cost 50 to 70% less to charge the battery of a zero-emission car compared to filling up the tank of a petrol or diesel powered car. Today, it can even cost more.  
Simonluca Pini - Sole 24 Ore Contributing Editor

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September 2022

Brutal heat wave in California stops EVs

Temperatures soaring up to 46.7°C are placing the U.S. power grid under intense pressure. Consumers are urged to reduce energy consumption between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., and this includes charging electric vehicles
Enrica Lazzarini

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