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July 2022

Closer links between international sector associations

Enrica Lazzarini

We talked about it with Amit Mukherjee, CEO Business Development & Strategic Partnership, ACMA India
The 2022 edition of Autopromotec hosted the third edition of "Associations in motion", the periodic global conference between the various world sector associations. This format has been conceived by AICA (Italy) and Auto Care (USA) associations in November of 2019, in Las Vegas, following a global industry conference. The meeting held in Bologna allowed associations to identify common issues to focus on, in order to find an uniform way to support and relaunch the independent aftermarket globally. We interviewed the speakers who participated in the initiative in order to share with Autopromotec Blog readers their expert point of view.
How was your Autopromotec experience?
“I am glad that I got this opportunity of visiting Autopromotec. My compliments to the team for organising a stellar show post covid. It was heartening to see such a positive response to the show from all stakeholders”.
How did you find the industry doing at Autopromotec after 3 years of covid-related restrictions?
“I was impressed with the Industry’s buoyancy which I witnessed first-hand at the show”.
Amongst the many topics discussed at the IAM, what are the main activities you’re currently involved in as a trade association?
“The Indian Garage Equipment industry is evolving and I feel there is a huge opportunity of expanding technology/ partnership with Indian garage equipment industry and strengthen and expand existing ties as also addressing new opportunities. ACMA will be keen to bridge this initiative with AICA (Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturers Association). We are also keen to strengthen our ties with AICA and Aftermarket association to build a successful partnership and deeper linkages between both the countries”.
What is the impact on the market of the current geo-political situation?
“India is one of the emerging countries with growth projections of 8% - 9% by World Economic Forum in the next couple of years. Furthermore, Government of India has introduced several schemes to attract International partnerships. The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme is one of them which has encouraged many companies to explore partnerships and expand opportunities. The China plus strategy by many countries [n.d.r. China Plus One, also known simply as Plus One, is the business strategy to avoid investing only in China and diversify business into other countries] has also given an impetus to the Indian manufacturing Industry. Due to the crisis we are experiencing inflation like in most countries. However we are positive things will gain normalcy in the coming years. We are very optimistic of the Indian Growth story”.

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