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#Industrial Scenarios #Economy #Market
July 2023

A new OPEC for lithium

South American countries try to ally in order to increase their bargaining power and control the prices of the new “white gold”
Enrica Lazzarini

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#e-mobility #Market
November 2022

Electric cars, charging costs 160% higher compared to 12 months ago

The increase in the cost of energy is having a negative impact on the running costs of electric cars. In October 2021, it cost 50 to 70% less to charge the battery of a zero-emission car compared to filling up the tank of a petrol or diesel powered car. Today, it can even cost more.  
Simonluca Pini - Sole 24 Ore Contributing Editor

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#Market #Interviews #aftermarket #Automotive
July 2022

Common guidelines at a global level for the car repair sector

Access to vehicle data, revisions and metrological and safety standards for workshop equipment: we talked about it with Massimo Brunamonti, Vice President, EGEA
Francesca del Bello

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