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The seized engine of the German economy

A weak automotive sector slows the momentum down. Trade wars and Dieselgate among the factors that have affected production and exports
Gennaro Speranza Econometrica

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#Industrial Scenarios #Market #Autopromotec 2019

Connected with the future

Autopromotec 2019 Here much of the efforts lavished by the sector in developing and proposing innovative
Nicoletta Ferrini

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Retreading, an opportunity to be seized

Retreaded tires business offers many economical and environmental opportunities, but low cost tires gives it more than a pressing concern
Massimo Condolo

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#Innovation #Digital marketing #Industrial Scenarios #Market
December 2018

The four rules for the digital market

According to Francesco Morace, professor of social innovation at the Polytechnic University of Milan, social and cultural changes have produced new “paradigms for the future”. Video
Editorial Staff
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March 2018

Diesel engines to decline? Incentives and super-filters to facilitate the transition

In the wake of the decision by several large cities to ban diesel-fuelled vehicles, announcements by manufacturers determined to stop producing diesel engines are multiplying. In Europe, though, according to Acea data, out of 252 million cars 41.2% are diesel. Bans alone are no longer sufficient.
Dino Collazzo
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