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July 2022

Common guidelines at a global level for the car repair sector

Francesca del Bello

Access to vehicle data, revisions and metrological and safety standards for workshop equipment: we talked about it with Massimo Brunamonti, Vice President, EGEA
The 2022 edition of Autopromotec hosted the third edition of "Associations in motion", the periodic global conference between the various world sector associations. This format has been conceived by AICA (Italy) and Auto Care (USA) associations in November of 2019, in Las Vegas, following a global industry conference. The meeting held in Bologna allowed associations to identify common issues to focus on, in order to find an uniform way to support and relaunch the independent aftermarket globally. We interviewed the speakers who participated in the initiative in order to share with Autopromotec Blog readers their expert point of view.
How was your Autopromotec experience?
"Well, a kind of a relief after the pandemic: I arrived the day before to participate to the Egea General Assembly held in person at Autopromotec. It was amazing how we all were so happy to meet again: smiles, hand shakings and greetings and the inevitable dinner together; the end of a nightmare. That was the mood also of exhibitors and visitors alike, according to the interviews; further than seeing new products and services, having the chance to participate to high-level conferences and networking activities made it possible to get first-hand updated and meet people you wouldn’t have thought of; and that strengthens human relationships that are very much of help in business".
How did you find the industry doing at Autopromotec after 3 years of covid-related restrictions?
"Surprisingly well: healthy, vital and not afraid of the new challenges despite the hard time just ended (hopefully). Exhibitors almost unanimously highlighted the quantity of visitors and, more important, their determination to find new solutions for the business. On one hand it’s quite obvious that the combination of the change in mobility with the new geo-political situation make the bright businessman keen to keep updated in order to catch the “train passing by”; but it’s because of belonging to an active community made of a number of SMEs freely competing in the marketplace that make industry events so vital and vibrant".
Amongst the many topics discussed at the IAM, what are the main activities you’re currently involved in as a trade association?
"With the legislative process now at its apex in Brussels, we at Egea are currently very much focusing on access to in-vehicle data and connection restrictions to the Obd port. But that’s not the only activity we’re in; future periodical technical inspections as well as metrological and safety standards for garage equipment make us busy cooperating with competent authorities, test laboratories and research centres in Europe and abroad. For all these activities one guideline: we are in a globalised industry; what matters in Europe matters also in America, the Far East and so on: we’re out to strengthen alliances and co-operations with sister trade associations worldwide as we already do with our friends in the US, Australia, India and more".
What is the impact on the market of the current geo-political situation?
"Difficult to answer due to the uncertainty for the future and the fluidity of the political situation in many areas of the world. Certainly, in the most severely hit regions, namely Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the industry is suffering from the military actions but other situations like the shortages of components and raw material, trade limitations, sanctions and a higher cost of energy make things more complicated. The supply chain is certainly under pressure and it’s hard for everyone to predict what is it going to be in, say, three years time. But the automotive aftermarket has already proved its resilience several times in the past. I’m optimistic that it’ll finds it way forward for a bright future anyway: in the end, people keep willing to move, travel and see the world even if in a new safer and cleaner way".

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